Anonymous: "Oh my goodness, this blog has me in tears! Both of happiness and heartbreak. Your work is amazing and the rest of us should be thankful this blog exist (I am!) and send you good messages everyday. Rather than those who steal your work, how rude."

Oh my god, you’re an angel. Thank you!

Anonymous: "Did you ever hear of anyone writing a fanfiction for your death eater james au? It's something that really should exist haha. I love your gif sets ever so much btw!"

Thank you! A few people said they were going to but this is the only one that has been brought to my attention as of now. If any more come up I’ll be sure to let you know!

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I’m just going to start reblogging my things whenever I see them reposted

stuffsophdoes: "Hi, just wanted to tell you how much I love your gif manips. It inspired me to draw a marauders comic which I'll tag you in on my tumblr account. The marauders and Remus are my absolute favourite. As I might as well ask a related marauder question...What do you think Lyall and Remus's relationship was like and do you think he's around after the end of DH or has he died in your head canon?"

ASDFGHJKL I’M HONORED (and it’s a completely precious comic, thank you for doing it)!

I picture Lyall as always having been extremely fond of Remus and they had a really good relationship. I think Remus would visit him at least once a month post Hogwarts and they’d sit around and talk for hours, but I think Remus tried to hide his involvement in the war from his father. I don’t see Remus going to Lyall with any of the issues that came up with the war (deaths of friends in the Order, suspecting Sirius, James and Lily being murdered, etc.) and he didn’t want his dad to worry about him. And as I’m writing this I have no idea why but I’m starting to imagine Lyall maybe getting on in his years when this is all starting to happen and maybe his mind going a bit so Remus wants to keep him blissfully ignorant and not give him something to worry about (because Remus’ life totally needs another depressing factor in it, right?) And I think it’s more convenient (that sounds horrible) for the sake of the storyline for Lyall to have died by the time Remus does since Teddy is taken in by Andromeda and we don’t hear anything about Remus’ side of the family except for what’s on Pottermore. 

James Potter epically losing a Quidditch match and refusing to come out from under the invisibility cloak.

Anonymous: "can you make a tutorial how to put round glasses on james potter in gifs? you are so good with photoshop :)"

Alright so I TRIED. I’m awful with tutorials and I feel like this is so hard to follow and you’ve gotta have at least some knowledge of photoshop to have any hope here. So if you get lost/have questions please feel free to ask and I’ll help you the best I can

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Anonymous: "omg your james/sirius head cannons are perfect. do you think you could write some jily head cannons? preferably for their last two years at hogwarts? :)"

Thank you :3 And I suck at couple headcanons but

  • Let’s begin with Lily never hated James. They were always generally civil towards each other in earlier years…Sometimes they bickered, but generally it was more like they were bantering and they both secretly enjoyed it. Lily just found she could never establish a real friendship with James while Severus was in her life because he hated him so much.
  • That being said, occasionally one of them would go too far and say something out of line.
  • But continuing on that, their first kiss happened while they were on patrols in 7th year. They were, get this, bantering about something stupid, as usual. James was getting the upper hand and being really smug about it and smirking and Lily ended up grabbing his face and kissing him to get him to shut up.
  • Lily got a few points docked for cursing in 6th year when she took a whiff of Amortentia for the first time.
  • Part of why younger Lily was so venomous to James sometimes was because she was fighting the internal struggle of being attracted to him. Said struggle began in 4th year.
  • James apologized for what happened with Snape by the end of fifth year and they managed to become quite good friends in sixth year.
  • They had an ongoing battle about her cat.
  • The concept of personal space was completely lost to them once they got together.
  • They were both big on having their hands in each others hair.
  • I like to imagine there was a period of Lily fancying James where she thought maybe he didn’t fancy her anymore and she felt completely pathetic about the whole thing. Just so she knew what it felt like.
  • There was no initial awkward first date with them. They just sort of naturally transitioned into being a couple. 
  • Lily’s mother was so relieved when she brought James home because he was the farthest thing from Vernon.
  • They were really competitive with each other. But the good kind of competitive. 
  • I picture their groups of friends merging once they started dating, but James and Lily agreed there needed to be times apart from each other that they devoted to their friends…mainly to keep Sirius from having a meltdown. And let’s be real, James needed those times as well.
  • There was a small part of Lily that started to feel guilty for being with James once the war really started picking up and the people who supported Muggle-borns were starting to get killed. One day James figured out why she had started acting weird and he got so upset about it and she felt so guilty because the look on his face, but they managed to talk it out and they were fine after that.
  • I mentioned in one of the other headcanons posts that James liked to come up with nicknames for Lily to bother her. So once they left school and joined the Order, James would sometimes call Lily by one of those nicknames and it was one of the few things that would calm her down.
  • The war and almost dying a lot caused plenty of sexual tension between James and Lily. Cue Harry.
  • Lily completely freaked out when she found out she was pregnant and although James was completely freaking out as well, he managed to keep it together for her sake and comfort her.
  • While Lily obviously had to stop fighting in the Order once she got pregnant, James immediately stopped as well because he didn’t want to risk doing something that would leave Lily to raise a child on her own. (That seems pretty canon though)

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"Apart from my transformations, I was happier than I had ever been in my life. For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends. Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and, of course, your father, Harry  James Potter. Now, my three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them my mother was ill, and that I had to go home to see her…I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they worked out the truth…And they didn’t desert me at all.”

buckybird: "Hey there! This is going to sound awkward, but I have to ask. I'm the director for The Gathering Storm, the big Marauders fanfilm that's been going around. We're in the last third of our Kickstarter, and while we're doing well, the clock is running and we've still got a ways to go. A promo from you could really help, so if you're willing, we'd be really grateful. Thank you! -Aaron"

Of course! I’m sure you’ve all heard about it already, but if you haven’t their info/kickstarter is here if you’re interested!

You can erase this but fyi I’m officially changing to Josh Bolt for Peter and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Anonymous: "I'm not sure if you'e already answered this but you know how you did little headcanons for peter during his hogwarts years? Could you do one for James or Sirius? Thanks! (you're a brilliant writer)"

I did Quidditch headcanons here

  • James had a crush on Lily for most of their time at Hogwarts but 6th year was when he actually started to develop strong feelings for her.
  • He played guitar (not very well, but he could).
  • He was the last Marauder to realize Lily fancied him.
  • James wanted a whole army of children, having found being an only child rather lonely.
  • He excelled in every subject aside from Potions and History of Magic, which he claimed he didn’t have a long enough attention span for.
  • He bit his nails.
  • He tapped his quill on the table, which drove Remus and Lily crazy.
  • He had extremely warm hands.
  • He made up nicknames for Lily mainly to annoy her, but Evans was the default.
  • He had his father’s eyes.
  • James always pretended to hate Lily’s cat but he secretly adored it and she caught him playing with it in fifth year and she gloated for a week straight. This led him to try to win the cat over and steal it’s attention away from Lily. He gloated about it until the day he died.
  • James always stowed his wand in his back pocket and Mad-Eye yelled at him for it constantly.
  • He was left-handed.
  • James had a really hard time coping with death and dealt with it differently every time. When his father got sick, he found it hard to be in the same room as him and when he died, he was angry and trashed his dorm. When his mother died, he was quiet and empty, which everyone agreed was much worse.
  • He was a total mama’s boy.
  • His glasses sometimes gave him a headache when he was tired and he would stumble around half-blind with them off.
  • This one is to explain away whatever asshole decided to put the spider web design on his wand…So, the Marauder’s other roommate was a Muggle Born. One day in their first year, James walked into the dorm to find him sprawled out on his bed reading comics and asked about them so the kid started raving about them and talking about his collection so James sat down with him and picked up a Spider-Man book and became completely enthralled and obsessed with the hero, leading him to add spider webs to his wand and he just never took them off in later years. He also liked to stow his wand up his sleeve so that the tip would rest between his middle and ring finger and shoot sticking charms.
  • His best subject was Defense Against the Dark Arts.
  • He was shorter than Lily until third year, coming back from the summer half a foot taller.
  • He always came back from summer holidays with a tan (a sad one, but a tan nonetheless)
  • Watching Lily’s doe soar around the classroom the day they did Patronus’ was a very good day for him.
  • Lily was his first serious relationship.
  • He was invited to join the Slug Club but didn’t really start going until 7th year.
  • Ludo Bagman was a family friend and always had James meeting big Quidditch players so he could get a leg up.
  • He was a morning person and this annoyed everyone
  • He was constantly servicing his broom, to the point where people poked fun at him for it. He always would do it when he didn’t know what else to do (i.e. when things were awkward, tension between the Marauders, etc he would grab his broom and start polishing it)
  • He was basically “the rock” of the Marauders and could always be counted on.


  • Sirius’ relationships never lasted more than a few weeks, and eventually he just gave up on dating claiming “it wasn’t fair to the female population for him to limit himself to one girl.”
  • He nearly wet himself when James received the Head Boy badge.
  • He tried to flirt with literally everyone. Students, teachers, random people on the streets. Everyone.
  • Sirius would take Mrs. Potter’s side in arguments because it annoyed James so much and he found it hilarious.
  • Sirius had a good singing voice, but unfortunately lost it when he was drunk, where he would sing loudly and horribly.
  • Sirius was thrilled when James and Lily finally got together, but he would constantly make gagging noises around them.
  • Due to Black family traditions, Sirius could speak French, play piano, and ballroom dance.
  • He had a photographic memory, which was lucky because he refused to study.
  • When James’ mother died Sirius didn’t know what to do to help James so he turned into a dog and curled up at his feet. It helped.
  • Sirius often bought all their friends a round of Butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks….with James’ money.
  • Sirius’ parents taught him very young that he shouldn’t cry, as it showed a sign of weakness. He only cried twice after that. Once when his uncle died. The other was when James and Lily were murdered.
  • The summer between 6th and 7th year, James went away on a holiday with extended family so Sirius spent a lot of time with Lily, which she spent getting him into Doctor Who.
  • Sirius was always last out of bed in the mornings and always showed up to his first class with food.
  • He laughed at really inappropriate times, especially when he didn’t know what to do in a situation.
  • Sirius could pick up any instrument and play it with ease, which pissed James off because he had such trouble with it.
  • Sirius was invited to be in the Slug Club but he never attended the parties.

And for both of them:

  • Both of them were fascinated by the Muggle world and spent their summers wandering through shops. They also took Muggle Studies, Sirius more to piss off his parents.
  • They had an ongoing battle of pulling each others chairs out from underneath each other before they sat down.
  • They were like Fred and George when it came to singing the school song at the beginning of every term, varying it every year. Peter joined them on this. Remus shook his head but still laughed every time.
  • They agreed throwing punches was much more satisfying than a spell.

And I have a ton more written down somewhere but I don’t know where they are so this will have to do for now.

Anonymous: "Do you think Lily would be ''afraid'' of flying and broomsticks and such things? Honestly, at my point of view, I don't think she would. 90% of the fanfictions I read basically ''print'' Lily that way. By following the books, we can see kid!Lily LITERALLY flying, and she was finding that very amusing. So, at my point of view, she wouldn't be like ''EW QUIDDITCH'', I think all of it would take her breath away, because it's really, really cool. I think Quidditch would have captivate her."

Exactly! I think she’d love flying from what we saw in Snape’s memories and I think she’d love Quidditch. For me, I just have such a hard time imagining any Muggle-born hating something like Quidditch. Because come on. You’ve spent your whole life only knowing people to run around on the ground playing sports but suddenly there’s people FLYING? On BROOMS? With BALLS THAT MOVE BY THEMSELVES?!?!!?  Yeah sure there’s bound to be some that wouldn’t particularly care for it, but Lily Evans was not one of those people. 

Anonymous: "what do you think hogwarts students would see them like? the Marauders, I mean. I've always had this headcanon that wherever they go, people would whisper anxiously (part of them in a defensive way cause come on look at them they look freaking intimidating but when you are friends with them you realize they are the sweetest, golden-hearted boys. actually even if you don't know them, you can feel they are)."

Aw, I don’t know about being intimidated by them. Maybe some of the first years would have been, but I see the Marauders as being a generally well-liked group of people and to be maybe slightly more extreme versions of Fred and George…and I don’t think anyone would ever be intimidated by those two. Like Fred and George, I see them as the people who generally knew their limits. They wouldn’t have wanted to rudely interrupt teachers or mess with people when they were trying to pay attention or study. They were actually funny (most of the time) when they tried to be and the bantering between the boys was probably a constant source of amusement for other students. So I figure ultimately they were either a group you liked or you hated, and whether you liked or hated them you at least knew who they were.

That being said, there were probably quite a few people that didn’t like them, because that’s inevitable, and there would have been people that weren’t cool with how they treated Snape, no matter what their feelings about him were. Also, if James was actually as much of a prat in his earlier years as Lily made him out to be when she was yelling at him in the Snape’s Worst Memory scene, but we don’t know if she was exaggerating because she was so pissed off or whether what she said was 100% honest, there would’ve been a handful of people who wouldn’t look past that. (But I do think that when he grew up a bit and the time came he was a highly respected Head Boy and was probably liked a hell of a lot more once he deflated his head). Also I figure Slytherin’s wouldn’t have liked the Marauders given their rivalry with Snape because Slytherin’s stick up for/feel some sense of loyalty to their own, and also because we know there were quite a few Slytherin’s at that time that became Death Eaters so naturally they wouldn’t have gotten along. And the the bad blood with Sirius and Regulus and any other Blacks that were around. And other things but you get the idea. 

But yes, I do agree with your last statement that many people would have seen them as the lovely boys they were inside and I think other Gryffindors would have loved them. And also I see them as kind of being a group that people looked up to when things started getting bad outside of Hogwarts with the war and stuff, still being able to crack jokes and play pranks, and I feel like that might have been something people latched onto and found comfort in.